Economic overview

Mataró is the largest city between Barcelona and France, representing 1.33 % of the GDP of Catalonia.
The city pioneered the industrialisation of Catalonia, and is currently diversifying its manufacturing sectors, setting out priorities to recover its main industries (textiles, trade and tourism), and pushing education, the marine sectors and health as essential elements for the city’s future.

Main industrial sectors:

  • Textiles: Mataró’s industrial structure is based on the specialised manufacture of knitted fabrics.

  • Maritime sector: One of our main aims is to promote the maritime sector for emerging high added value activities.

  • ICTs and telemedicine.

  • Health, wellness and sport.

Main areas of economic activity:

  • Commercial area. Mataró has around 2,000 commercial establishments that represent a commercial area of ​​over 200,000 m2.

  • Industrial area. The city has seven Economic Activity Estates where a large part of the companies in the area are located. The industrial area is further enhanced by the Business Centre located in the TecnoCampus Science and Innovation Park, where the CETEMMSA Technology Centre can also be found.

  • Maritime area: Mataró, the largest seaside city between Barcelona and France, has made a strategic effort to position itself as a nautical and maritime capital, and is aiming to become, in partnership with Barcelona and Maresme, the model maritime business cluster in the Mediterranean.

Mataró Port and the recently created Maresme Marítim Association are the key elements for consolidating a business cluster in the region to promote economic activities linked to the sea.

Mataró is therefore an excellent option for the offices of new businesses, which could enjoy the benefits of an optimal location and advanced technological services to enhance competitiveness and develop R+D+i activities.